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Spice Tool: the new tool to measure packaging impact

Spice Tool : le nouvel outil pour mesurer l’impact des packagings

Because the Earth no longer waits, SPICE (Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics), in collaboration with several companies including L’Oréal and FEBEA, has just launched the Spice Tool. A tool for measuring the environmental impact of packaging. And with a view to sharing knowledge, this new methodology is open to all players in the beauty sector.

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“Faced with the ecological emergency and increased pressure on resources, the cosmetics industry is convinced of the urgent need to act. It did not wait for the anti-waste law for a circular economy adopted in February 2020 to launch its green transition and build concrete solutions to progress,” explains FEBEA. Packaging represents a significant part of the total environmental footprint of products. Reducing this impact requires being able to measure it correctly, throughout the life cycle of the pack. This is the challenge that led to the SPICE project: a method for evaluating and an eco-design tool for packaging, developed by cosmetics companies for cosmetics companies. This development was based on contributions from members of the initiative, including L’Oréal in particular. This international approach has already been joined by some twenty beauty industry players and associated partners.”

The Spice Tool

The eco-design of packaging raises many questions: which new materials should be favored? For which recyclability? What use should be made of recycled materials? How can rechargeable packs be designed? How to think about their end of life?
To answer these questions and make the best choices, SPICE has created the Spice Tool. “This reference tool provides information on the …

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