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Anne Le Turnier, the challenge of organic cosmetics on the Internet

Anne Le Turnier - ©L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques

She is a Parisian who likes the country … or concrete with greens … in short, a woman who feels at ease in the city, but who is an advocate of nature protection and believes in the natural well-being. Her name is Anne Le Turnier. She has started an online company, dedicated to organic cosmetics, She has welcome CosmeticOBS- L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques in the backyard of her virtual shop … which happens to be the office of her company at the same time.

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" Cosmetics are something that attracted me, since I was a young girl …, " Anne Le Turnier says. Nevertheless, she began her career in a very different area: hardware and software marketing and sales responsible, on the international market. Nowadays, a quiet and small brunette is in a two-bedroom apartment, where cupboards and shelves are piled up with cosmetics, near the Nation Square (Place de la Nation), in Paris. This is the logistics base of her Internet website: .

Her first job was in France. Then, she went to New-York with her companion, where she was hired by Microsoft … A great professional success? A culmination? Not that simple…The burdens of a large company, where « a copy of any professional email shall be sent to at least ten people » are not for her.
She has stayed there for two years, while looking for something else. She attends University, in the e-business section. The dotcom bubble bursts. Nevertheless, the Internet world attracts her, as it attracts her buddies. All they have an Internet project in their minds. Not her. Not yet.

From marketing to well-being

Back to France, to her web marketing training she adds a webmaster …

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