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Thursday, November 5, 2020Portraits

Solov: the makeup that opens the chakras

Laurent Perret et Sophie Bellier

Several studies have shown that cosmetics are good for morale and self-esteem. What if we went a little further? This is the challenge of Solov, a makeup brand that also intends to do good to the mind thanks to the power of the stones found in the packaging. CosmeticOBS met the founders of the very first range of spiritual beauty.

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Presented this way, the concept of cosmetics that soothes body and soul could make skeptics smile. And yet, the creators of this brand are not young business school graduates who have sniffed out the right idea. On the contrary, Sophie Bellier and Laurent Perret have been immersed in the world of beauty for over 20 years and know it like the back of their hand.

“I’ve always worked in large groups. I first started at L’Oréal for 11 years, working on brand development. Then I joined LVMH and more precisely for Sephora. Part of my career has also been spent abroad, in Asia,” she explains. “As for me, I am a designer,” says Laurent Perret. “I spent a lot of time conceptualizing stores, especially for Sephora, which is why I met Sophie. I then founded several retail design agencies to help different types of clients create sales spaces.”

A prophetic encounter

Do you believe in chance? Sophie Bellier and Laurent Perret, no. After working together for Sephora, their paths parted. A few years later, they met again in Russia. “Life brought the two of us together, once again, in a rather hostile country, with absolutely hallucinating ways of working. We …

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