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Thursday, September 24, 2020Portraits

Spectrums Europe, the company that whispers in CBD's ear

Olivier Chauve

Long associated with psychotropic substances, CBD and other cannabinoids had a bad reputation. But that was before research was conducted on these plants and discovered their many virtues, including in cosmetics. Olivier Chauve, founder of Spectrums Europe, actively participates in the democratization of these substances. Portrait.

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Olivier Chauve has not always evolved in cosmetics. This businessman in his fifties first distinguished himself in the food industry.

It is thanks to a trip to Los Angeles, four years ago, that he started to be interested in cannabis and its derivatives. The plant is then in the process of being legalized in the American state.
“That’s when we became interested in CBD, one of the molecules of cannabis,” says Olivier Chauve. “In the United States, hundreds of brands based on CBD exist. It’s a real way of life. When I came back to France, I told myself that there was something to be done. Initially, I was looking at importing. So I surrounded myself with lawyers in order to better understand the regulatory framework. The more the project evolved, the more I refined my thinking. In the end, I concluded that it was preferable to be able to respond to the demand of already existing brands, to work with contract laboratories by offering them innovative ingredients. Initially, the goal was to supply the electronic cigarette market, then collaborating with the cosmetics industry became more and more important as the R&D process progressed.”

The Spectrums Europe era

This is …

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