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JRS, sustainably yours

JRS, durablement vôtre

Founded 140 years ago by Jakob Rettenmaier, the German JRS Group produces ingredients for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. The once family-owned company now has 3,500 employees and operates worldwide. However, this does not mean that JRS has forgotten its commitments. Naturalness and the environment are still part of the company’s core values, especially in times of health crisis.

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Between 1878 and 2021, JRS has traced its path… and it’s not much to say it.
Historically based in Rosenberg, in the Stuttgart area (the head office is based there), the company has made small inroads into Europe, Asia, and the United States. In total, that’s more than 90 production sites, nice family.
Over the years, JRS has been able to diversify and covers different sectors: pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics of course, detergents, chemicals, construction, paints. The entity even has a BtoC division and markets vegetable cat litter… many strings for one bow, therefore.
And to serve customers around the world, JRS has a sales and logistics organization, reinforced by a partnership with AMI Ingredients for France.

A key word: naturalness

“We are a group very committed to the environment,” explains Nathalie Fayolle, Personal Care Manager - France for JRS. “We specialize in the mechanical transformation of plant fibers. A large part of our products are Cosmos Ecocert certified. Of course, some more advanced actives require chemical treatment. But they keep a high naturalness index according to the ISO 16128,” standard.

The sea is also featured in the catalog of ingredients offered by JRS.
“We source French seaweed, Breton to be …

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