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Wednesday, June 3, 2020Portraits

How Covid-19 redefines the contours of press relations

Ohlala RP

Allies of brands and journalists, press agencies play a crucial role in the beauty industry. Reputed in the industry, Ohlala has just come out (like the others) of two months of confinement during which business has inevitably slowed down. CosmeticOBS asked Nathalie Le Coq, director of Ohlala, to give an update on the company’s new areas of development and how she envisages the return of the post-Covid activity.

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“If we go back to the genesis of the Ohlala story, it all starts in 1999,” says Nathalie Le Coq. After 15 years of experience at Kenzo, Virginie de Kernavanois founded her agency, Kernavanois Communication, which specializes in beauty press relations. For 10 years, she ran her business alone, drum beating. Then in 2009, with the advent of digital technology, she decided that it was time for her to make it evolve. The agency adopts the name Ohlala, a bit like a gimmick with a French touch accent. Several press attachés embark on the adventure. 10 years later, a new turning point for Ohlala. The agency joins the Repeat group, a unique opportunity to integrate data into our business. The staff has changed, we reached four consultants during the merger… we are now 48, thanks to Repeat. We cover all the spectrums that the beauty influence requires”.

Of the importance of having new tools

By joining a large group, Ohlala has been able to develop its business and above all to perfect its strategy in order to best support its customers.
“We finally have at our disposal some figures, some data. This allows us to totally rethink the way we …

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