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Catherine Desmares : evaluation of cosmetics at the Afssaps

Catherine Desmares se félicite de l?adoption du nouveau Règlement européen, qui va renforcer la sécurité du consommateur et faciliter la surveillance du marché.

She's brown, dynamic, direct. She is Director of the evaluation of advertising, cosmetic products and biocides at Afssaps, the French Health Products Safety Agency. A very long title… for a list of responsibilities that is no less so! "Tell us about yourself," we asked Catherine Desmares. "I'm going to talk about the Afssaps" she answered us..;

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" Talk about me? What's the point? It is what the Afssaps does that is important! ", Catherine Desmares' entrance announcement. We agree, of course, but nevertheless, it is she, at least in part, and her teams, who participate in the Agency's action. However, she will only say a few things about herself, a few dates from her CV, a few stages in her career. Pharmacist by training, Inspector General of Public Health, she worked at the Ministry of Health for 10 years, participated in the creation of the Medicines Agency in 93, then that of the Afssaps in 99, until taking charge of a new directorate created in 2004, for which she still assumes responsibility today… On the Afssaps, on the other hand, it is inexhaustible! And can be done on this exhaustive, precise and most didactic chapter. Because it is the Agency that it wants to put forward, its role, its weight, its action in the cosmetic field, its influence at European level: in a word, its importance… often unknown. Message received. So let's talk about the Afssaps, actor if it is of the cosmetic world. In some questions to which Catherine Desmares brought us her answers. The …

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