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Christophe Legraverend, a Responsible Person in the Carrefour Group

Christophe Legraverend

The cosmetic sector is almost familiar now with the concept of the Responsible Person, as defined in the European Cosmetics Regulation that will applied in July 2013 in lieu of the current Directive. This role is wide. It is mandatory also for distributors … as the Carrefour Group. However, what is it to be the Responsible Person in such a frame? Christophe Legraverend, the Quality Manager of Household and Personal Care (HPC) in the group, came to share his experience in the 20th Matinales de la Cosmétique (Breakfast Meetings - Cosmetics), organized every month by Sylvain-Romain Cotte (SRC Consulting).

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Carrefour group is well known. Number 2 the world over (behind Wal-Mart), nbr 1 in Europe, it is the major employer by the number of its personnel in Europe. Two millions customers every day pay a visit to its shops (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores …)

In its shelves, almost everywhere in the world: savory food, sweets, drinks, seasonal food, household and personal-care products, non-food products, from toys to household appliances, Christmas tinsel, books, tools and many items for home … from renowned brands as well as from less-known ones, along products with its own brand, then, labelled Carrefour.

A tremendously wide range with the same concept: everything in the same shopping area.

Responsible … of what?

In the cosmetic sector, the Responsible Person, who may be a legal entity or a natural person, is defined by the Regulation as the one who shall ensure "that every product placed on the market complies with the applicable articles." No way to be wider or more exhaustive: the Responsible Person, as already written here , is responsible for … almost everything.

In a group of such a size, Christophe Legraverend explained, the first step is to have mandates from the legal entity (Carrefour) …

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