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Cyrille Telinge, the NOVExpert attitude

Cyrille Telinge, créateur de NOVExpert / D.R.

Considered as a UFO in the world less and less felted cosmetics, envied or criticized by many for its marketing communication that stands out, Cyrille Telinge does not leave indifferent. At 40 years old, the young creator of the NOVExpert brand, marketed in pharmacies since March 2008, displays with ease his green convictions and shoots red balls at the edges of conventional and…organic cosmetics. Sincere words to move forward in a better (cosmetic) world!

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Fascinated by new technologies, converted the time of his biarrot escapades to surfing, passionate about science, committed ecologist and follower of the Seignalet diet * … Cyrille Telinge is all of these at once. And even a little more. It i i nscr it in the new generation of ethical and responsible cosmetic designers with sometimes iconoclastic itineraries. A succession with convictions and a roadmap worthy of a summary of Psychologies magazine still struggling to jostle the s giants established in the sector, but already finding the support of informed consumers.

Family Spirit

Ev acuons tout de suite le fait que Cyrille Telinge soit le fils des fondateurs de la marque de prêt-à-porter Cyrillus, bapt isée ain if in 1977 in reference to his first name. Except it's already a family adventure and a way of being apart. With so n father, he created the Bioware laboratory in 1996. A company which he still manages and which formulates, manufactures, packages and exports toe internationally for major pharmaceutical groups but also for luxury goods and organic brands. Then, he launched his own brand, NOVExpert, where we still find him with his family surrounded by his father, his sister Clarisse, and even …

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