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Fabrice Paolini, an "organic innovator", added to a specific attitude of life

Fabrice Paolini / ©L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques

In the cosmetic world, he is called a consignment manufacturer or a subcontractor. Fabrice Paolini designs and manufactures cosmetics … by the name of other companies. For his customers, brands, which order products that he designs, develops and manufactures, before shipping them ready-to-market. His name is nowhere on the packaging, though his philosophy and ethics put his personal stamp on all the formulae that go out of his laboratory.

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Fabrice Paolini has begun his career in a Research and Development Department. In 2005, he sets up Novabio. "Nova", to entrench his work in his time. "Bio" (in French, "bio" comes as an abbreviation for "biologique", i.e. "organic"), to support a need to come back to the roots. A certain idea of the cosmetic world, a certain idea of the company, a certain idea of the life … formed or at least enhanced after the birth of his son, Louca.

" I’m a new father. I became a father at 40. When a child arrives, one sees the life another way. I wanted to be another kind of consumer, and I went to the organic food. I felt the need to enrich my human relationships, a need to pass on my values … " More than a cosmetics manufacturer, Novabio is a laboratory for a responsible and sustainable way of life, full of humanness.

Shared values and specific experiences

He talks softly. He has a discreet smile and limpid eyes, but a firm commitment. He does not have his own brand, but he selects the brands he wants to work with. La Clarée, Comptoir provençal des argiles, Solyvia, Secret d’altitudes, …

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