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Mom and Dad Dermatherm and their children

Didier Lopez et Mylène Pillot : Papa et Maman Dermatherm

They met in 2006 and didn't meet each other the first time they met: they had so much in common! First of all, this same vision of what their future children should be and become, of how they should be conceived in order to be able to present them to the world with pride. They wanted them good, pleasant and useful, almost irreproachable. Didier Lopez and Mylène Pillot thus became Papa and Maman Dermatherm, united in the same cosmetic desire, carried by the same requirements, and also happy today with their first babies conceived together: a whole range of organic and dermocosmetic hygiene and care products that are out of the ordinary.

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He is 45 years old, has worked 15 years in nuclear medicine and computer science, and now manages the family business CLTech that he created;e in 2001 with his brother Christophe and that he wanted to diversify by creating a cosmetic branch,"a sector where one can bring something in terms of care".She is 32 years old, specialized in aromatherapy and botany during her pharmacy studies, chose to become a formulator:"I was looking for my ideal product," she says,"I ended up doing it myself. At first, however, they tried to discourage me: they told me"pharmacists do not become formulators, the R&D (Research and Development) sector is blocked"… I persevered".He knew all about hormonal or antibody assays in the field of oncology, radiation therapy techniques, or automation to ensure operator protection…
She had seen her mother's body in the past..;She and her aunt suffered from skin problems, her childhood had been bathed in a dermatological environment, she was sensitized to the toxicity of plants and very small already (at 4 years!).), she did her first product tests by spreading her face on the butter from the family fridge and announcing with certainty:"Mom! Ointment…".

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