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Sébastien Grellier, the trainer of your cosmetics consultants

Sébastien Grellier, formateur chea Galénic

Are you one of those cosmetic consumers who go to the pharmacist for advice on choosing a product and have you ever wondered where she got all her knowledge about the specific indications of one cream or the benefits of another?No, despite all his diplomas and skills, he does not have the infused cosmetic science!To guide you, he is trained and informed about the offer of his pharmacy, as during one of these sessions that invited us to follow Sébastien Grellier, of the Galénic brand.

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There are cosmetic brands that you can find between breakfast biscuits and breakfast diapers, that you choose like all your other products (at best, a glance at the label and hop, in the shopping cart!) and that you use in the same way, for everyday essentials. There are others who prefer smaller but more targeted distribution networks, notably for their ability to provide advice, like a serious purchasing guide to choose a product without making mistakes and thus have more chances of being satisfied with it. Among these networks, that of pharmacies is one of the favourites of dermocosmetic brands, which position themselves as much in the skincare niche as in the beauty product niche. This is the choice made by Pierre Fabre laboratories for all their brands (Avène, A-Derma, Galénic, Klorane, René Furterer…).

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But how can we be sure that the pharmacist, in his pharmacy, has the appropriate arguments to properly recommend the various references? How not to risk seeing a good product (such as a serum) remain on the shelves for the benefit of another (such as a moisturizer) perhaps less effective but more common or in any case better known and easier to …

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