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The story of the Mustela milk perfume

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Within the Expanscience Group that owns the Mustela brand, people work every day on the changes to make to improve the environmental balance, safety, efficacy, and sensoriality of cosmetic formulas, and better adapt the product offering to consumer expectations… but if there is one thing that has never changed, it is the perfume of the baby cleansing milk. Or at least, this is our impression. Because that is not an absolute truth in the secrecy of the research laboratory!

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Talking about the perfume of Mustela’s baby milk evokes Proust’s madeleine, the tenderness and love relationship between a mother and her baby, and the mythical perfume that has remained the same since its creation…
But… has it really stayed the same since the beginning? Has it not changed a bit over time? And what is there behind this highly evocative perfume?

We met Franck Menu and Caroline Baudouin, respectively Cosmetics Innovation & Development Director and Head of Innovation, Research & Development of the Expanscience Group. The idea was to make them reveal the secrets concealed in this perfuming composition. And they did reveal a few! Well, at least one or two…

The perfume of the beginnings…

It is a perfuming composition, a mixture of several ingredients with citrus as the top note, honeysuckle as the middle note, and a powder touch as the back note,’ analyzes Franck Menu. Why were these notes chosen? The reason why they were selected got lost in time, because they were not what seemed decisive at the time.

The Mustela baby milk was created in 1950. And at first, the real innovation was the gesture.      Then, Expanscience founders realized there was no alternative to …

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