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When press relations become easier

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Whether for a journalist or a brand, it is not always easy to reach the right target in time, due to the lack of qualified contact. To meet this recurring need, Webportalis has created Beautypress, an online platform for brands and beauty media to meet.

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The beautypress concept has been in place since the 2000s.
Almost 20 years ago in Germany, Gabriele Fuchs launched the idea of creating a database specialized in beauty in order to facilitate contact between brands and the press.
Since then, beautypress has extended to the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and more recently the United Kingdom.

What’s the point?

For brands
For companies, it is essential to have a large audience, fast and targeted communication in order to generate publications.
beautyPress therefore guarantees an efficient service for the dissemination of brand information.

To this aim, each company has a dedicated press room on which it can put its products online with descriptions, photos and contacts for the press.

beautypress also offers a newsletter in the form of targeted emails to an individualized mailing list.
“The opening rate of newsletters is around 45%, which is huge,” Pascal Schwaab, the company’s sales director, says.

In addition, a commercial monitoring of the statistics is proposed. Subscribers can have accurate reporting of consultations and downloads, the opening rate of newsletters, and a detailed report every six months.

All brands are free to register in this database.
For reasons of confidentiality, brands do not have access to each other’s information and cannot therefore take a peek at the competition’s communication strategy!

Finally, Pascal Schwaab explains that “human contact is nevertheless essential in this profession. Digital cannot replace it. This is why we offer several press days for brands and journalists to meet, talk, exchange and build relationships. In our sector, this is essential.”

For journalists
May the journalist who has never despaired of finding the contact required for an article in a period of closure raise his hand. While sometimes reaching the right person is a burden, beautypress makes it easy.

Indeed, access to the platform is totally free of charge for the press and influencers.
Beware however, the space is reserved for professionals working for beauty media. “This is a way of guaranteeing our customers that all their information is destined for a qualified target,” says Pascal Schwaab.

At the crossroads between an encyclopedia and a phone book, beautypress offers the possibility to do quick searches (by themes, keywords, trends, products or brands) in order to find information and complete an article.
A significant advantage is that press kits and photos can be downloaded from the platform.
It is a rich database, which is intended to be practical and at the service of the user.

beauyPress’ services range from €289 for the simplest package to €6450 for the most complete package. So there is something for every budget. Moreover, access for the press is totally free, so why deprive yourself of it?

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