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The 2014 agenda for cosmetics deadlines

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In the cosmetic world, the Regulation 1223/2009 is not the only one text, which comes with obligations. Sunshine Act, Cosmetic tax, declaration of nano-sized substances, Green Dot … are also French regulations applicable to this sector, accompanied by a timetable of mandatory formalities. A reminder, and a presentation of the agenda, were given by Anne Dux, Virginie d’Enfert and Emmanuelle Gourbin, from the French FEBEA, in a conference during the Beyond Beauty Convention, in Paris, on 11 September 2013.

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The European Regulation 1223/2009, which was implemented on 11 July 2013, is the reference document for the obligations applicable to the cosmetic sector. One of the aims of the text is to harmonize the regulation all over the European Union and to put all the actors on a par, with the same quality requirements and the same obligations.

However, this does not prevent the national legislations to require specific provisions, which add to the Regulation’s. The least to say is that France is not shy about this possibility.
Hence, this broad overview of the different texts applicable to the cosmetic sector in France, beyond the Regulation.

Sunshine Act

The Article 2 of the law to increase the sanitary safety states that all the agreements between some health professionals shall be made public.
The decree implementing this article, so-called “Sunshine Act, the French way" , was released on 22 May 2013, and details the terms and conditions for publishing the information related to the advantages and the agreements signed between companies and some persons or organisms. It is mandatory since 23 May 2013.


The Sunshine Act concerns all the companies that manufacture or market at least one cosmetic product, or …

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