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If they have always covered the seashore and carpeted the seabed, today, algae also make manufacturers happy. They have been popular in the food industry for a long time, and they are now seducing the cosmetics sector as well: in addition to being soaked with trace elements, they represent a natural alternative to gelling agents.

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Redensifying, slimming, relaxing… algae can edge their way into all beauty products, in different forms. Here is a short selection.

Tamalou Crème d’Algues - Algoplus

Product: Based on crushed Laminaria algae, this paste may be used as a base for a massage to make a seaweed wrap, or added to the bath water. The algae provide all their remineralizing and toning virtues, on top of the many trace elements they are naturally filled with.
Price: Tamalou Crème d’Algues is available for about €7 for a 220ml capacity.
Where can I find it? The brand is distributed in pharmacies and parapharmacies. The cream is also sold on the Algoplus e-shop.

Breath of Fresh Air - Lush

Product: Designed to awaken the epidermis in the morning, this toner offers all the advantages of a breath of fresh air! In addition to rose water and patchouli, you will enjoy an algae absolute, which helps tone the skin.
Price: Count €13.25 for a 250g bottle.
Where can I find it? In all Lush stores, but also on the online store.

Magic Serum for Eyezone & Eyelids - Officinéa

Product: The French brand, which follows a Clean Beauty concept, has developed a decongestant roll-on which very efficiently fights against signs of fatigue on the eye contour. Officinéa has added brown algae to the formula for their natural gelling properties.
Where can I find it? Officinea products are available online on the e-shop.

Micronized Marine Algae - Thalgo

Product: Thalgo is specialized in the valorization of marine ingredients in cosmetics. In this product, the algae take on a different dimension: transformed into bath crystals, Laminaria, Fucus, and Lithothamnes algae help globally revive and revitalize the body thanks to an infusion of trace elements and minerals.
Where can I find it? The product is offered at Villa Thalgo Paris Trocadéro, in 1,000 spas, thalassotherapy centres, and beauty salons in France, but also on the brand’s website.

Seaweed Soap - Phytomer

Product: This soap is not used only to have a wash: it also scrubs the skin to remove its cells. This mechanic exfoliation is made possible with the addition of the Chondrus Crispus red alga to the formula.
Price: The 150ml bar costs €16.60.
Where can I find it? Phytomer is available through all usual distribution networks, but also on the brand’s online store.

Crème Régénérante aux algues marines – Regenerating Cream – Thalado

Product: This organic anti-aging day cream is formulated with three different alga species: Laminaria, Chondrus, and Ulva. Topped with hyaluronic acid, the cream plumps the skin, protects it from environmental pollution, and revives its radiance.
Price: The 50ml tube is available for €27.70.
Where can I find it? All the brand’s products can be found on the e-shop.

Algae are streaming onto the beauty sphere and are increasingly used in product formulas. Bearing in mind there are thousands of different species on Earth, but only almost forty are used in cosmetics, there is no doubt we will keep hearing about them for a while!


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