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Hair masks spray

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In the BB cream movement, these complete, multi-active treatments, with no application time or rinsing, are ideal for all women in a hurry. Easy, fast and ultra-practical, they are now available in hair salons and supermarkets. Zoom on the cosmetic news of the week by Ariane Le Febvre.

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The new hair care darling, the spray mask simplifies life. If you're the type to never have time to take care of your hair, or if you're not very fond of hair masks with excessively heavy textures, that's the care you need. It combines the lightness of a spray with the nutrition of a mask. In a few pschitts, it is distributed ideally over the lengths (because of the vaporization, it is dosed much better, finished the overdoses of cream accumulating on certain zones), does not require any time of pose (some do not even rinse at all) and accumulates many actions: disentangling, nourishing, regenerating, protecting the hair from the heat of the dryer or the smoothing plates… Much more sophisticated than a conditioner, less restrictive than a mask, the mask spray cures the hair by fixing repairing proteins where it is most damaged, preserves the color with antioxidants and UV filters, fights dryness with fine and penetrating vegetable oils (apricot, argan, mango, camelina, almond…). All in light and sprayable textures (therefore not too thick) that allow them on any type of hair, and not only (but still most often) on dry hair.

With rinsing in large distribution

L'Oréal Paris was the first to propose this new gesture in supermarkets. EverRiche Perfect High Expertise Elixir (200 ml, 10.60 €) is a high nutrition emulsion that is distributed perfectly homogeneously thanks to its spray distribution. Without drying sulphates, it is intended for dry and sensitised hair. Its formula with detangling and repairing botanical oils (camelina and apricot) intensely restores the hair and leaves it perfectly fluid. It can be sprayed on clean and wet hair, without time of pose and rinses immediately, like oils and body lotions under the shower. Brand new, the Nutri Spray under the shower by Garnier Fructis, in the Nutri Repair range (200 ml, 7 €), formulated with light oils (apricot, mango, almond), also intended for dry hair, follows in his footsteps.

No rinsing, in salon

These are the ones who surf most on the success of BB creams. These are"day cream masks" of the hair. Multi-purpose, they all offer 10 benefits in a single gesture (why 10, we may wonder, but we must stop at a number!), which range from UV protection to nutrition, through hair styling assistance. A forerunner of its kind (its Uniq One leave-in spray mask was released in 2012), Revlon Professional is offering its star repairing treatment for the summer with a delicious scent of fresh coconut, toasted hazelnuts and vanilla (Uniq One Coconut, 150 ml, €15.50, limited edition). This all in one for the treatment of dry and damaged hair is a 10 in 1 to adopt at the city as at the beach. It repairs and protects dry and/or colored hair from heat and UV (it contains UVA and UVB filters), detangles frizz effectively and illuminates, softens and softens, facilitates drying and straightening, prolongs styling, avoids split ends, texturizes. It can be sprayed on dry or towel-dried hair. The same very complete care with 10 properties for the new Massato Spray Mask, which is suitable for all hair types. As for the Spray Mask 10 Benefits of the Colorists Bar (150 ml, 20 €) which has just been released, it takes more specifically care of coloured hair. Enriched with keratin and silk proteins, it is also used on dry or damp hair, before drying or brushing.

Ariane Le Febvre

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