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Youthful Glow Fluid

Maison Bronzini-Oléo cosmétique


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Anti-aging source of the olive tree
Skin perfector
3% Phenoliv Complex
Cell energy activator
• Restructures
• Plumps
• Matifies
100% natural ingredients
Normal to combination skin
Day Cream

Youthful Glow Fluid, moisturizes and replumps (Hyaluronic acid), brightens the complexion (Vit. A), tightens the pores and ensures a matte, flawless finish (Iris, Zinc Salt and Vit. A).

Innovation Maison Bronsini: Phenoliv Complex
ler Oleo-vectorized cellular energy activator.
Derived from a patented extraction process drawing the secrets of longevity from the heart of the olive tree, the Phenoliv Complex® concentrates all the antioxidant molecules of the tree’s flowers, leaves and fruits in a single active ingredient.
Its specific oleo-vectorized gallium transports these molecules to the core of skin cells where they act in synergy for a reinforced anti-ageing effect and revived cellular energy production.
Detoxified and revitalized by this natural anti-ageing energy, the complexion regains its radiance.

Tested under dermatological control.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply in the morning using smoothing movements on the face and neck.


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Soon online

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