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Sustainable packaging: South America catches up

Packagings durables : l'Amérique du Sud rattrape son retard

According to Euromonitor, a trend and forecasting agency, South America was a bit behind in the issue of eco-friendly packaging. But more and more, consumers are making their voices heard and manufacturers are proposing greener solutions, as shown by the latest data published by Euromonitor.

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Like other citizens of the world, the inhabitants of South America are sensitive to environmental issues. They expect manufacturers to provide solutions that are in line with contemporary issues. But, according to Euromonitor, “there is still a gap between what consumers want and the available solutions that companies offer in the region. Players must therefore prioritize sustainable packaging efforts, as is already the case in Europe, to win in Latin America.”

Manufacturers are getting involved

Faced with this lack of “green” packaging, the major groups are moving up a gear.
In its report, Euromonitor mentions Unilever, which is working on a pulp-based detergent bottle for its Omo brand and for its hair care brands for the Brazilian market. L’Occitane is proposing a refillable cosmetics system.

In Chile, things are also moving. “Empaque Sustentable (”Sustainable Packaging”) is a group of Chilean entrepreneurs focusing on sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions made from sugarcane bagasse and an alternative to polylactic acid (PLA). The group is also working on 100% plastic-free FSC-certified kraft paper bags,“ comments Euromonitor.

Plastic, the sinews of war

As elsewhere, single-use plastic is public enemy number 1. The big groups are starting to use PET, which contains PCR. …

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