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A short handbook on makeup cleansing


If cleansing your makeup is a prerequisite for a healthy glow at all times, it is even more important to do it well. Indeed, there are several essential parameters to this gesture. Here is an opportunity for you to catch up and offer your skin a makeup cleansing session worthy of its name.

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This routine gesture is not always done appropriately, although it is real precious for the beauty of your skin. There are three basics to keep in mind.

What is makeup cleansing?

Although the answer can be found in the question – removing makeup from the surface of the skin – it is important to reiterate which principles makeup cleansing is based on to better understand it. Jean-Claude Le Joliff, a long-time Research & Development Director for Chanel, and founder of La Cosmétothèque, explains this gesture can be done in two different ways.

On the surface of the skin, there is an oily film called sebum. This substance fixes impurities and makeup residues on it. To remove them, you can use products that dilute impurities, and then completely cleanse them off your face, either by rinsing your skin, or drying it. These products are based on fatty acid esters or mineral oils. They are cleansing oils and milks.

To remove oil sebum, mere water will not do, so you can also use micellar water . It is based on surfactants and gentle detergents, and these ingredients have the property to wet the skin and remove impurities efficiently. …

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