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Low poo, No poo: what for, who for?

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Less or no shampoo… such is the new ‘trendy’ recommendation for washing our hair. And it covers a vast scope, from only rinsing out your hair to more elaborate routines including cosmetics, which are booming to meet this new demand. Here are the pros and cons…

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This trend – it is actually a trend – comes from the United States.
‘Poo’ is the diminutive of ‘shampoo’, ‘Low’ means less, and as for ‘No’, well it does mean no shampoo at all.

But why?

The phenomenon resulted from the release of chemicals used in traditional shampoos, like sulphates (which include foaming surfactants) suspected of altering the hair, or silicones (for a shiny effect and for sheathing and softening hair fibres), which make it heavier.
In the ‘less is more’ tradition, the logic behind this trend recommends to get rid of shampoo. And the environment will gain from it too, since it also means there will be fewer more or less polluting materials in water discharge networks.

But then, does it mean we must walk out with a dirty, oily, badly-done mop of hair every day of the year? Of course not! Indeed, if ‘low poo’ and ‘no poo’ make it possible not to use shampoos, they also involve clean techniques, which replace traditional cosmetic products by… other cosmetic products!


So, the idea is to no longer ‘wash’ our hair, but simply ‘cleanse’ it…
For the most extreme enthusiasts, the technique first consists in making your traditional …

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