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Makeup for children: when having fun rhymes with safety

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Shrove Tuesday and other carnivals represent an opportunity for children to dress up. Most often, in addition to sporting a costume, they are keen on wearing makeup to look like their own favourite heroes. If all this is a game, there is a prerequisite: preserve the nature of their skins by not using any product you find in store.

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Children’s skin is more fragile than that of adults, so there are a few rules to follow, not to spoil the party.

A skin apart


As cosmetics formulator Carole André reiterates, children’s epidermis is very fragile. As regards children aged under one, their skin is so thin it can absorb anything. It is only when they get three years old that it starts strengthening and getting more resistant. It is even estimated that ten years are needed for it to acquire all its defences. Under these circumstances, it seems pretty clear that it is preferable not to use makeup on your children if they are under three, so as to prevent any risk of allergy or absorption of substances not recommended for them.

Sensitive epidermis

For small children old enough to wear makeup, do not forget to take a few precautions beforehand. Before conscientiously applying the colours on their faces, perform a test by putting a bit of material in the hollow of their elbows or on their arms – a good idea to make sure your children are not allergic to the product.
Still, beware: if, quite often, the reaction is instantaneous with allergenic substances, sometimes a long …

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