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A trip to the core of moisturization

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If there is only one key factor for our skins’ health and beauty, it is its moisturization. Any imbalance in this characteristic is a systematic source of discomforts, cosmetic defects, up to skin diseases, all of this being more or less harmful. However, the process of skin moisturization is complex, and the sources of imbalances, varied. A thorough explanation, reported from the 12th Journées d’Echanges Scientifiques et Techniques (JEST: Scientific and Technical Exchanges Convention), held on 12 October 2012, in Montpellier, Southern France.

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It is trite to tell it, though it is worthwhile to be reminded. Our human body, and the skin that wraps it, are formidable machines, perfectly designed to assure our health and comfort, day after day. The moisturization processes are no exception, as Stéphane Astie, a PhD in pharmacy and a lecturer in Cosmetology, detailed during the 12th Convention, organized by the French Association Cosmed.

Water, the source of life

Water is the main ingredient of the human body. It comes for about 60% of the body mass of an adult (but 75% of that of a new-born, and 55% of an elderly’s). Just for the record, our blood contains 83% of water, when our brain is made of water for 80%, and our skin, for 70%.
Most of water is inside our cells. Another part is in the inter-cellular space, being a kind of reservoir for cells and blood vessels. The remaining is in our blood and in the lymph, and is constantly running through the entire body.

Water is so badly needed that it is said that, at a moderate ambient temperature, no fluid intake induces death within two to three days. Our needs for water are in …

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