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In the intimacy of women’s intimate hygiene

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Women’s intimate hygiene still often sounds like a taboo topic. And yet, the offering of cosmetics intended for it is actually well-developed and comprises the best… and much worse. Which products should you choose? How should you use them? Here is a short guide and a few tips to gently and safely take care of your intimate area.

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Let’s speak clearly: when it comes to women’s intimate hygiene, we talk about cleaning the mucous membrane of our body’s urogenital area, which is the interface between our urinary and sexual organs and the outside. Pussy, fanny, cunt… we are not short of slang words to name this area, otherwise often mentioned with much reservation and discretion.

Still, let’s talk about it, because this area – especially if we overburden it with treatments ill-adapted to its sensitivity – may develop persistent discomfort, burn symptoms, itching sensations or irritations, when it is not infections. So, we should treat it properly.

Beware, sensitive area

More permeable than the skin and naturally damp, this part of women’s anatomy is particularly fragile. However, since nature does things well, it does have its own natural defences to preserve its balance: for example, the vaginal flora.

Let’s reiterate that the vagina is not a sterile cavity, but an extremely well-sophisticated organ, in which a whole series of germs live together, which are both protective (like Doderlein bacilli) and pathogenic (like streptococci, coliform bacteria, Candida Albicans…). The balance of this flora depends on its pH, usually acid, between 3.8 and 4.2.
It is this acidity that helps …

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