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Oily skins: the right first responses

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One is often too harsh with one’s oily skin, hoping that a shock therapy will definitely solve the problem. What a mistake! It may even have dramatic consequences. Indeed, the epidermis, and, above all, the sebaceous glands that one wants to make inert react in a similarly dramatic way, as you will see. Mildness and kindness to one’s skin are the cornerstones to take care of oily skins, keep it in mind!

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Don’t be harsh!

The “super-strippers” seem to be the “anti-oily aspect” agents of choice. Efficient, they are, yes…at least on the spot. A matt skin is pleasant to see, especially when the result comes so easily. Well, nevertheless…beware: the “rebound effect” is waiting!

What is going on? Faced to a sudden and artificial drying, sebaceous glands will try to balance the situation…by producing even more sebum. When drying is a regular situation, they, also, will be in the habit of regularly producing more. Once the habit is there…

As a result: after a satisfactorily (though short) step, too harsh cosmetics lead to an enhanced life of sebaceous glands and to an even oilier skin. Thus, alcohol and alcohol-based lotions, high-pH soaps, irritating surfactants (the “foam-makers” in cleansing gels and shampoos), even products too rich in acids (AHA, also called fruit acids) or wrongly used are the worst strategy, and open the path to …non-rosy future.

Obviously, an oily skin shall be cleansed, thoroughly cleansed, twice a day, but mildly, using products that respect the balance of the epidermis while trying to lead it to a self-regulation (this is what the creams and the other complementary care, suggested underneath, will do.) …

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