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Your skin: sensitive, reactive or really allergic?

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A truth: a good cosmetic product is primarily a product exactly suitable to the kind of skin, and that can bring it what it needs to be tonic, supple and smooth, perfect and able to overcome aggressions of all kinds. The basis is to identify one’s skin type to choose the right product … and it is not often that simple. For instance, it may be difficult to tell the difference between a sensitive skin and a reactive one, or between a sore skin and an allergic one, as the frontier between them is thin. Underneath, a kind of reminder, not to be wrong.

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For some dermatologists, a 3sensitive skin3 does not exist. It is a fuzzy notion, between non tolerant, even allergic skins and the normal skins, which tolerate almost every thing: a medically undefinable cover-all. Nevertheless, many are women (and also men, though far less often) who complain day after day …
Other skin specialists give specific characteristics that define this type of skin, note they see them more and more often;  for them, it is a true reality.

Sensitive, reactive: what are the differences?

The characteristics of the sensitive and the reactive skins may be understood as per their differences, each one with its distinctive signs. They differ also in the way they evolve. Not only, it is not rare, but it is the most frequent occurrence: step by step, a normal skin becomes sensitive, then sensitive and reactive, then really intolerant or even allergenic. A skin would then proceed by stages, which may be thresholds of tolerance, first reached then exceeded. Compare this with a capital eroded bit-by-bit then depleted, and impossible to build-up again. Sensitive skins almost never come back to the 3normal3 stage!

Description of a sensitive skin
A sensitive skin, in its first stage, is primarily a …

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