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Monday, November 29, 2021Consumers

14th barometer of responsible consumption: a plea for sobriety

14e baromètre de la consommation responsable : un plaidoyer pour la sobriété

The “consume less and better” approach has been gaining ground over the past few years and the French tend to apply this principle to every item of daily expenditure. This new study - the 14th Greenflex - ADEME Barometer of responsible consumption 2021, conducted in October 2021, highlights the consumption practices of the French in these key sectors: food and catering, capital goods, household products and hygiene and beauty.

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With the approach of the festive season and major promotional periods (Black Friday, Christmas, sales, etc.), this study also examines the influence of these occasions on the purchasing and consumption behaviour of the French.

Attractiveness of promotions: the desire for sobriety undermined

More alert and aware, consumers are not fooled by promotional mechanisms: 77% of respondents believe that during promotional periods, brands do everything they can to make us buy products we don’t really need, and 79% think that promotions are an incentive to over-consume.
However, 72% of them wait for promotions to renew or acquire an appliance they need, and 66% take advantage of them to treat themselves, all socio-professional categories included.
The first study of the Responsible Consumption 2021 Barometer already revealed that responsible products and services were perceived as too expensive. In this second study, 79% of respondents said that for the same price, they would choose a responsible product (more ecological, more natural, organically grown, fair trade, etc.). Proof that the accessibility (real or perceived) of responsible consumption remains a major issue.

Cosmetics and hygiene: safety and transparency are the order of the day

Understanding the composition of products and the harmlessness of ingredients, for health …

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