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Monday, April 11, 2022Consumers

Beauty trends 2022 as seen by Mintel for in-cosmetics Global

Les tendances beauté 2022 vues par Mintel pour in-cosmetics Global

The global Covid-19 pandemic has left a lasting impression on consumers around the world, creating dynamic shifts in lifestyles and beauty priorities, according to the trend and forecasting firm Mintel’s latest trend analysis for in-cosmetics Global, held in Paris on 5-7 April 2022. Notable changes include the importance of ethics, the changing role of identity and the influence of technology on the future.

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Throughout 2022 and beyond, concepts around sustainability are expected to become more focused from a morality perspective as consumers demand bigger moves from companies on issues such as climate change. These days, consumers are buying with a conscience and brands need to be transparent about their ethical impacts, displaying them in clear and tangible ways.

The need for communication

In order to be ahead of the game, companies must ensure they are transparent in communicating measurable metrics about their ethics and sustainability credentials. While sustainability claims in beauty products have become mainstream and still remain at the top of the agenda, customers are also looking at brands’ commitments to diversity and equality, as well as ethical supply chain practices.

Speaking about what cosmetic and personal care brands need to do to survive, Andrew McDougall, Director, Beauty and Personal Care, Mintel said: “First and foremost, taking action is the biggest thing brands can do, and then communicating that. Transparent communication around what companies are doing is ultimately going to build trust with consumers and help to drive purchase. Of course, most ingredients companies, suppliers, cosmetic brands and businesses in general will already be taking action with regards to sustainability issues but …

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