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Christmas gifts: women want beauty products!


Glossybox, the leading subscription service specialising in beauty boxes, asked women about their Christmas desires during the holiday season. It conducted a survey of 8000 of its subscribers in six countries (France, Norway, England, United States, Germany, Sweden) using a questionnaire sent via its newsletter. Results: 63.2% of women surveyed want to receive beauty products for Christmas!

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Beauty products, this Christmas's star gifts!

63.2% of women surveyed want to receive the latest beauty trends for Christmas. English women are the top beauty addicts with 77%, followed closely by Norwegian women with 71.1%, German and Swedish women with 60.2%. As for French women, 57.8% said yes to beauty at Christmas. While 52.9% of American women made this choice.

Jewellery, second best friend of women at Christmas! With 44%, 43% and 45% respectively, French, American and Swedish women love to wear accessories of all kinds. For 59% of English women and 53% of German women, fragrances are the second most important holiday gift.

No to all-purpose gifts! Yes to unexpected gifts, especially chosen for her!

This year, we must be careful not to disappoint. 76.7% of French women want to receive a gift chosen with care and according to their taste. For 71% of English women and 59.9% of American women, the verdict is also final. At Christmas, you have to dare and find THE perfect gift that will certainly make their eyes shine! As for German women, 34% of them are gift card fans and love the freedom this format offers.

Christmas means shopping.

Which country spends the …

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