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Hygienic precariousness: Dons Solidaires rings the alarm

Précarité hygiénique : Dons Solidaires tire la sonnette d'alarme

For the second consecutive year, the association Dons Solidaires has commissioned IFOP to conduct a study on the precariousness of hygiene felt by the French. A part of the population, for lack of means, is obliged to do without some cosmetic products essential to primary hygiene. Consequences? An impact on self-esteem and difficulties in social integration.

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This barometer was conducted on two panels. A general public sample of 1807 respondents, representative of the French population, surveyed from November 16 to 20, 2020. A sample of 760 beneficiaries of associations in the Dons Solidaires network. The interviews took place from January 5 to February 12, 2021.

Body image is a determining factor in the judgment we make of others.
On this point, the whole panel agrees that the three criteria that can give a negative impression are:
• A bad smell (69%)
• Dirty and worn out clothes (40%)
• Embarrassment about physical appearance leads nearly one in five French people to avoid going out or to avoid people they know

Lack of money, lack of care

The panel interviewed indicated that, due to a lack of finances, they often had to give up the purchase of :
• Makeup (28%)
• Moisturizers (19%)
• Hair care (16%)
• Hair removal products (13%)
• Deodorant (10%)
• Toothpaste (6%)
• Shower gel or soap (6%)

As far as where they buy their products, the general public mostly goes to supermarkets (91%). Economic problems prevent many French people from going to the hairdresser, for example (25% vs. 58% …

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