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Covid-19 and eco-responsibility

Andrew McDougall

If the environmental issue was already on everyone’s mind, the health crisis has made it all the more urgent and crucial. Since the beginning of the pandemic, consumers have been making their demands in terms of sustainable development constantly heard. With this in mind, Andrew McDougall, Global Associate Director Beauty & Personnel Care at Mintel, presented the data collected by this market research firm during a webinar organized by in-cosmetic formulation on November 17, 2020.

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The majority of the citizens of this world are aware of the state of the planet. They want to contribute to safeguarding it, at their own level. And this also goes through what they consume. “They’ll look to health care (and brands) that can help them be responsible and reduce their personal carbon footprint,” says Andrew McDougall. In other words, when it comes to preserving the planet, citizens have the beauty industry in their sights.

If consumers are so demanding with companies, it’s because they are aware that the subject is not as simple as that to understand.
45% of Indians agree that it is difficult to know which factors will have the greatest impact on nature. And they rely on industrialists for clarification.
But that’s not all, they also believe that professionals should be the driving force in conserving the planet. “Moreover, 50% of Danes would like the cosmetics industry to be more prominent in terms of sustainable innovations.”

Today, brands can no longer deny the concerns of their targets. According to figures revealed by Mintel :
• 72% of British people say they are acting in favor of the environment
• 69% of French people think that formulating …

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