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Tuesday, December 15, 2020Covid

Covid-19: beauty trends in Asia

Covid-19 : les tendances beauté en Asie

Asia was the first continent to be hit by Covid-19. One year later, while the pandemic has not yet been contained, what are the cosmetic trends that stand out? It is to this question that Mintel answers. The foresight firm focused on South Korea, China and Japan in order to understand the needs of Asian consumers.

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According to Mintel, nearly 78% of Koreans wear the mask because of the coronavirus.
This rule has had an unprecedented effect on eye makeup and especially on the sales of glitter eye shadows. “In three years, the market share of this type of product has reached its peak,” says Angelia Teo, Head of Beauty & Personal Care, for Mintel. “Consumers appreciate eye shadows that are quick and easy to apply.”

The coronavirus crisis has also increased demand for sustainability in the industry. Currently:
• 33% of Koreans are interested in more virtuous cosmetics
• 48% of them are willing to pay more for nature-friendly care
• 78% of them would like beauty brands to be a force for innovation in terms of eco-responsibility
“This will make Koreans all the more sensitive to the promotional campaigns they are involved in,” advises Angelia Teo.

With the same goal of seducing Koreans, it may be wise to embark on the path of ASMR (editor’s note: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a relaxation technique using visual or sound sensations). *“Brands can offer enjoyable beauty content without direct marketing messages, allowing them to engage more actively with young consumers. The effectiveness of these videos is demonstrated …

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