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Tuesday, November 24, 2020Covid

Covid-19 : how to make influence marketing ?

Covid-19 : comment faire du marketing d’influence ?

The coronavirus has shaken the cosmetics industry in many ways, including the influence strategies devised by brands and agencies. How can we interact with its various targets in such a turbulent health context? To try to answer this question and give concrete advice to actors in the beauty industry, the WEG brought together online, on November 20, 2020, a panel of experts in influence marketing.

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How has digital beauty communication been doing since the beginning of the pandemic?“ asks Laurence Moulin, WEG director and moderator of the event. “At the beginning, we were not serene since the first budgets to be cut were those allocated to communication,” testified Émeline Le Saoût and Morgane Min, co-founders of the agency Comme une Bavarde. “But we have never had as much need for content as at that time. People were confined and spent a lot of time on social networks. In the end, we’ve been working a lot since March 2020.”

For Déborah Bete, co-founder of the agency &Associates, the situation is similar. “There has been an enormous transformation of digital media during this period. There has been a huge transformation of digital media during this period, both from professionals and influencers. We have moved to a much more conversational mode of communication with consumers. This is really the advent of transparency,” she explained.

Finally, for Deborah Cohen, founder of Dire Agency, “containment has been challenging. My agency represents, among others, the Kneipp brand. We initially had to make a meeting between journalists-influencers-community in a beautiful place. This ‘Kneipp House’ never saw the light of day because of …

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