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Post Covid 19: in search of lost trust

Post Covid 19 : à la recherche de la confiance perdue

The coronavirus crisis has strongly impacted consumers. Increasingly suspicious, they are questioning the quality of products and the authenticity of brands. To prevent this feeling of mistrust from destabilizing the way customers buy, it is imperative to regain their trust. To help professionals of the cosmetic sector in this quest, the foresight agency Mintel gave some advice the foresight agency Mintel gave some advice during a webinar in October 2020.

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“To restore lost confidence, we are thinking of three different approaches,” says Alex Fisher, Associate Director of Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel. “Improving the scope of transparency, moving forward with technology and working together”.

Towards ever more authenticity

“Consumers will continue to question professionals and hold them accountable, especially after recent events,” says Fisher. “They’re questioning the cosmetics industry right now. They want to make sure that what they’re told is the truth and they expect the beauty industry to be truly open and honest about their practices.”

The quest for transparency goes through embodiment. Today, it is the human being that counts.
Thus, more and more leaders are speaking out on platforms such as Instagram. “This way of communicating with the public is essential, because it allows for direct answers to questions, consumers feel included and heard.”

To illustrate this dynamic of transparency, the Gaïa brand indicates on each of its products a number traceable on the Internet that allows to know more about sourcing, procurement and manufacturing. In parallel with Covid-19, an environmental crisis is also at stake.
It is an important element in the mistrust of care buyers.

Therefore, using certain labels can be a profitable …

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