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A new profession of cosmetics: keratotherapist


Keratotherapist? What is it? A new formation and new business that opens to users of cosmetics. Officially presented on December 7 at a press conference in Paris, it is already served by 90 professionals in France. And if they had the solution to your skin problems?

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December 8, 2010
Kerato: from the Greek keras (horn), refering to the stratum corneum.
Therapist: improves by the care.
A keratotherapist is a professional who improves the stratum corneum, or more precisely the epidermis, by the care he brings. But is there not beauty therapists for that? Or dermatologists? Not exactly the first nor quite the second, keratotherapist brings a different expertise and another application domain.

A problem, a solution

The idea came from the observation that 42% of the population (women, men, teenagers) suffer from an imbalance of the epidermis, 3 out of 5 women have skin blemishes or unbalanced skin. Pimples, blackheads, redness, dryness, decay … all problems that are not real diseases, require no intervention by a physician and for which we will not consult a dermatologist. But many cases to which the traditional beauticians are a bit poor, and usually not able to provide truly satisfactory solutions to their clients. As for choosing the right cosmetics and care protocol suitable for use so as to overcome individually, it is very complicated … and is often also quite disappointing.

Here is the target of this new profession of keratotherapist. Skin specialist, having both a thorough knowledge of …

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