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Claire Gagliolo, Officinea founder

Claire Gagliolo

Claire Gagliolo is synonymous with honesty and transparency. The cosmetics brand she founded reflects her own personality: simple, but of high-quality, demanding till the point of always striving for perfection, while being, nevertheless, likable and filled with light, a responsible and corporate citizen even in its packaging.

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A shaky start, almost everyone went through. Claire Gagliolo knows very well what it is. When still very young, coming from a humble background, she had to tend children to pay for her education. These children belong to a dispensing chemist, who conveyed her passion for products (but not that of working in a pharmacy). Not that simple, for this young woman, not a pharmacist’s child, to be accepted in the University by fellows who are surprised (and laugh at her) she is among them, as she will not have "her father’s pharmacy" as a gift!

Officinea However, working in a pharmacy … "no, thank you!" She does not want to sell drugs all the daylong, or to fill in files for marketing authorization … The name given her brand several years later is based on a play on words. OFF-ICI-NEA, as, in French, an "officine" is a pharmacy, but also "Off" because she opts to work "off a pharmacy", while she is a licensed pharmacist …

After a short time in one of the first "parapharmacies" in Marseille, (a fly in the face of "ensconced pharmacy owners!"), she chooses to work for an industrial company, in which she is the …

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