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Valérie Demars and her perfumes for the love of Aimée

Valérie Demars

She is bright, warm, generous. Valérie Demars draws her strength from unconditional love and a childhood dream, from her relationship with nature and the language of flowers, from her sacred spring and her grandmother, Aimée. Her aromaperfumery and line of perfumes unlike any other – with an active core straight out of the garden of well-being – were born of this alchemy, with its airs of magic. Her perfumes speak the language of love and make us feel good.

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Valérie Demars has wanted to be a perfumer since the age of 13. She tells us that her vocation was born in her grandmother’s garden, between the lily pond surrounded by phlox, boxwood, and a small conifer that covered the ground; the iris path; the arbour woven with roses and honeysuckle… It was a garden full of marvels, on the banks of a river lined with poplars and willows near Saint-Genulph, a miraculous spring and place of pilgrimage since the 5th century.

A dream dashed

But life can play tricks on us and lead us astray: the path to accomplishing a childhood dream is sometimes more like a winding path than like a nice, straight motorway.

Training in conventional cosmetics

After years of studying maths at the CPGE level, Valérie was offered her first work placement as a perfumer. But the offer fell through due to a lack of funding, so she turned to ISIPCA (France’s International Superior Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics, and Food Flavours). As she explains today, she wanted ‘ to have a well-rounded vision of the profession, and the field of cosmetics also involves perfumery ,’ so she chose the ‘Cosmetics’ curriculum. This led her to a …

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