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Violette Watine, at the heart of Mademoiselle Bio (i.e. Miss Organic)

Violette Watine : Madame... Mademoiselle Bio !

Is it a name? A nickname, or a pseudo? A brand? … Mademoiselle Bio has become all this over time. Even more (this from the very beginning): Mademoiselle Bio is an adventure. Imagined, sustained and lived by its founder, a true Madame, and completely bio: Violette Watine.

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NB: since this paper has been written, things have still changed for Violette Watine.
In 2010, she heralds the "marriage" to Biu Beauté Bio, leading to the development from a website to Parisian shops.
At the end of 2011, the handover is fully implemented. Mademoiselle Bio is 100% managed by its buyers, and Violette Watine establishes a consultant company specialized in marketing and web communication.

(Note for our English-speaking readers: in French, "bio" comes as an abbreviation of "biologique", i.e. "organic" in English.)

" Mademoiselle Bio is the result of a personal journey. It was a desire, an intuitive approach, a way to find what I was looking for in organic cosmetics … when I knew nothing about it to begin with!"
This is easy to understand. For Violette Watine, who went directly from a business school to Procter & Gamble, then to L’Oréal she left some time later, organic cosmetics may look as a strange unknown planet …

A conventional Ms

In a previous life, indeed, she was the "Manager of the International Marketing Department" in Lancôme. She worked to adjust the formulae, packaging, sales points and media plans of the cleansers, make-up removers or moisturizing products to the …

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