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May 24, 2017 | Consumer recommendations

Feet beauty: 5 essential gestures pro

Summer is coming! And that is good news: at last, we can get lightly dressed and show our feet. However, after several months confined in their shoes, suffering the throes of winter, they look a bit sulky. So, before showing off with your sandals, CosmeticOBS has set up a list of 5 habits to be adopted for perfect feet.

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Feet beauty: 5 essential gestures pro

Summer is coming! And that is good news: at last, we can get lightly dressed and show our feet. However, after several months confined in their shoes, suffering the throes of winter, they look a bit sulky. So, before showing off with your sandals, CosmeticOBS has set up a list ...

10 April 2017 Consumer recommendations

How to take good care of black skins pro

Black skins work their own way and have their own issues. To make sure they keep healthy, skincare rituals must be adapted to their specificities. And with cosmetics, there is a solution to every problem.

03 April 2017 Consumer recommendations

The specificities of black skin pro

Since black skin has its own characteristics, it is essential to know how it works to take care of it properly. Knowing your skin from the inside is crucial to make the right cosmetic choices.

29 March 2017 Consumer recommendations

How to manage to take care of aged skin (2/2) pro

Skin aging naturally triggers an alteration of the skin quality. As time goes by, the skin gets thinner, fragile, or even dry. Although this skin issue is still not a major concern for the cosmetics industry today, certain products intended for these demanding skins have recently emerged.

How to manage to take care of aged skin pro

While the world of cosmetics constantly renews its offering and keeps innovating, elderly people cannot always find cosmetics answers adapted to their own problems: getting old is a phenomenon to which we have not found a solution yet. How to take care of aged skins and know what they need? ...

Namaki Cosmetics

Makeup for children: when having fun rhymes with safety pro

Shrove Tuesday and other carnivals represent an opportunity for children to dress up. Most often, in addition to sporting a costume, they are keen on wearing makeup to look like their own favourite heroes. If all this is a game, there is a prerequisite: preserve the nature of their skins ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
21 March 2016 Consumer recommendations

Batch numbers and bar codes: what do they mean? pro

These series of numbers and initials may seem quite obscure, and therefore pretty useless. And yet, if they are mandatory on cosmetics labels, it means they do have role to play, that of giving information. And all consumers can understand and learn how to use them, whenever needed.


Which sun cream should you recommend? pro

This has been true for a few years now: a whole series of questions arises when choosing our sunscreen products. Are synthetic anti-UV filters harmful to health? Do organic sunscreens contain nanoparticles? Is the cream SPF really as high as what is claimed on the label? How can we recognize ...

Cosmetics on Plane pro

What is in our luggage when on the verge to leave for the airport? Many must-have items, hence inevitably, cosmetics. Creams for skin-care, make-up removers and lotions, shaving foams and gels, deodorants, shampoos, products for hair-care, eau de toilette, come with us, especially when one is not sure to find ...

Thinkstock - Observatoire des Cosmétiques

What is your dry skin type? pro

Nearly 40% of us in Europe deem our skin to be dry. And we are often mistaken about the nature of this dry skin, as well as about the solutions to be implemented to relieve our discomfort. Did you know that there are several types of dry skin, with many differences ...

Thinkstock/Cosmetics Observatory

A trip to the core of moisturization pro

If there is only one key factor for our skins’ health and beauty, it is its moisturization. Any imbalance in this characteristic is a systematic source of discomforts, cosmetic defects, up to skin diseases, all of this being more or less harmful. However, the process of skin moisturization is complex, ...

Thinkstock/Cosmetics Observatory

BB Creams: Moisturizing? … Not that obvious! pro

BB Creams, more and more trendy, are said to be "all-in-one" products, and pile up claim after claim: up to eight different claims, from a complexion evenness to UV protection, including imperfections correcting or anti-ageing actions … Can we take all these promises at face value? Françoise Nielloud, a Doctor ...

Digital Vision-Thinkstock
20 Sept. 2012 Consumer recommendations

Oral hygiene: a tribute to good health! pro

The mouth and teeth hygiene (oral hygiene) is a part, or should be a part, of the daily cosmetic cares. However, study after study, it is known that it is often badly applied, when not applied at all. In fact, it is a factor of a good overall health and ...

Jupiterimages-Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques

UV filters: a daily concern? pro

A UV filter in any daily care product seems to be a good idea. Indeed, nowadays, the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is mentioned more and more often on the labels of day care, make-up, of the so trendy BB-creams or hair products, by the name of the anti-free radicals and ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques

Parabens used in cosmetics pro

Consumer services, marketing department managers, sales assistants in perfume shops, beauticians, pharmacists … you do have frequently to answer questions by consumers concerned with the presence of parabens in cosmetic products. The European Commission has released a document  that summarizes the official position about them: the right basis to answer.

FRANCK CAMHI-Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
14 April 2012 Consumer recommendations

Slimming 2012, what we recommend? pro

Journalists call this topic an “evergreen". Indeed, it is the kind of topic that comes back every year at the same moment (spring), and that could be almost reproduced word-for-word without being wrong. Therefore, let’s go for it! Well, what is new under this orange peel skin? Some new cosmetics ...

abe's show on aluminium

Deodorants: which -efficient- alternative to aluminium salts? pro

The harmfulness of aluminium salts towards the human body is more and more agreed upon by scientists, and raises concerns of cosmetics consumers. How to avoid them? What are the alternative solutions, and, above all, how efficient are they? The Swiss French-language Television (TSR) has had twelve aluminium-free deodorants tested ...

Stockbyte/Thinkstock - Observatoire des Cosmétiques

Allergenic ingredients: pick and choose ? to avoid them! pro

When dealing with reactions of allergy due to cosmetics, there are two kinds of people: people who know they are allergic, sensitized to one or several ingredients, who know which ones and know how to avoid them; and all the other consumers, who may be sensitized as they go along ...

Deodorant or antiperspirant?
17 April 2010 Consumer recommendations

Deodorant or antiperspirant? pro

Deodorant or antiperspirant, it’s not the same thing! They are even two very different products, both in their compositions and in their modes of action, even if both are used for the same purpose: to fight against bad smells due to perspiration.

Hypoallergenic cosmetic product: what does it mean exactly? pro

You are looking for what is best for your baby, and above all, for what may prevent any risk of allergy … Quite often, you do have undesirable reactions (as eczema) when in contact with some products, or you know you are allergic to a cosmetic substance (or several) … ...

Do we wash our babies too much? pro

It is customary to wash babies in the first moments of their life in the maternity ward, then to repeat the process at least once per day afterwards. But what if our desire for hygiene and cleanliness is going too far? This question, which might seem to go against what ...