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Wednesday, March 15, 2023Consumers

China: when foresight deconstructs "beauty" myths

Chine : quand la prospective déconstruit les mythes "beauté"

Because it is not always easy to understand the cosmetic standards of a country from which one does not come, The future Laboratory (a consulting firm in prospective) and Hot Pot China (a specialist in strategy and marketing in China) have worked on a “realistic” report. The objective: to give the actors of the skincare industry a more nuanced vision of the way the Chinese consume beauty today.

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The Future Laboratory and Hot Pot China have identified several preconceived notions.

Rejecting the beauty canon when young
According to experts, the beauty canon in China has white skin, light eyes and a thin nose. While we tend to think that Gen Z has a less “stereotypical” vision of the perfect physique, this triptych remains dominant among young girls.
“Among women aged 25 to 30, 60% of those surveyed accept traditional social norms of beauty, but do not feel pressure.” But the codes are starting to shift.

Fighting the signs of time after 40
Is anti-aging only for those in their 40s and beyond? According to the experts, the answer is no.
Nearly 50 percent of women between the ages of 25 and 30 begin using skincare products to treat the first signs of aging.

Be attractive to find love
“In the West, there is a misconception that because of the relatively low age of first marriage in China (26 on average in China versus 32 in the UK, for example), there is a strong tendency to use cosmetics as a means of finding a partner,” analyzes The Future Laboratory. “This view is of course rather simplistic. Our data revealed …

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