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Trends 2022: consumer expectations and needs

Tendances 2022 : attentes et besoin des consommateurs

The American forecasting agency GWI has just published its report on the trends that are likely to be confirmed for next year. These data are all the more valuable for manufacturers, as the health context has not yet returned to normal. In its study, the firm draws up a global assessment of the general public’s expectations and also focuses more precisely on the beauty sector.

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The pandemic has taken a toll on household purchasing power. Nevertheless, the feeling of economic instability is beginning to dissipate. 55% of citizens feel more optimistic about their personal finances since Q2 2020.

According to GWI, a “surge of joy” is gripping consumers. The desire for novelty outweighs security. “B2C brands have a unique opportunity to make the most of this excitement. They must encourage consumers’ desire to explore and nurture their sense of hedonism. 2022 promises a roller coaster ride that citizens can’t wait to ride.”

Perfect Imperfections
Social media has long been the temple of the fake. That’s over. Internet users are looking for authenticity, stories they can relate to, and for brands to take a stand on contemporary issues.
“Filters on photos are so common on these platforms that unedited images are a breath of fresh air.”
While it’s still important to make content on social networks, it’s about adopting a more “raw” aesthetic, because it’s more in the air of the times.

Self Love
The pandemic will have made it possible to place the “self” at the center of all questions. The importance of taking care of one’s body and mind is crucial.
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