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The ASSAF (French association of soap makers using cold saponification) gathers professionals seeking to make people discover soap making with cold saponification, give it more value and optimize its know-how. This method preserves the fat content of soaps, thus resulting in products that are richer in glycerine and softer for the skin.

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Its logo can be found in three different colours on soap packaging: the blue and black versions indicate the soap maker and member of the association complies with the official Charter for soap obtained with cold saponification, known as the Charte du savon à froid : the charter of cold-processed soap (composition, aspect, method of preparation, raw materials, banned substances). The green version adds the compliance with the latest version of the Nature & Progrès label specifications ( Avenant bio-écologique , organic and ecological amendment).

• Visit the ASSAF website (in French)

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