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Wednesday, December 6, 2017Cosmetics glossary



The ‘veganism’ trend is increasingly more integrated to our lifestyles. Food, textile, and cosmetics are among the industries concerned, and more and more consumers look for vegan products to adopt consumption habits in line with their own convictions.

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The term ‘vegan’ defines someone or something that does not involve animal exploitation, meaning they do not consume/contain any product/ingredient of animal origin.
In the field of cosmetics, this designation refers to skincare products whose formulas exclude all ingredients derived from animals, whether dead or alive: oils and fats, cochineal (obtained from crushed cochineal insects), but also honey, beeswax, lanolin (harvested on sheep fleece) or milk, whether of donkey or other animals…

To help consumers choose their products, there are vegan labels with different standards. Some of them require all products of the same brand to be vegan to issue the certificate, while others do not.
In addition to guaranteeing no ingredient in the formula involves animal exploitation, these different accreditations make sure the products labelled were not tested on animals at all during the whole manufacturing process.

Still, it should be added that the Cosmetics Regulation in force prohibits raw materials and finished products from being tested on living beings. These rules apply to all beauty products, vegan or not.


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