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Dec. 4, 2018Cosmetics glossary

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Ecocert Environment

Ecocert Environment is the “responsible” branch of the Ecocert certification body.

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In addition to the Cosmos-Standard label to guarantee the organic quality of a product, a cosmetic can be certified by Ecocert on various aspects of environmental, fair and responsible commitments, through several labels:
• CSR and Sustainable Development: the Social Responsibility of Organisations or Companies (SRO/SRC) is certified according to the ISO Standard 26000
• Climate and GHG (Greenhouse gases): Ecocert includes the carbon footprint and projects to reduce it
• Biodiversity: Biodiversity Commitment certification is awarded to organizations that place biodiversity at the heart of their strategy and business model, in order to become more resilient and attractive
• Fair Trade: the Fair for Life label takes into account all the operations of the company’s sectors, from production to distribution
• Forests, wood and paper: Ecocert offers certification of the two main international standards, FSC and PEFC.


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