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To-be-labelled allergens

Allergènes "étiquetables"

26 aromatic compounds and fragrance substances, found in particular in essential oils, must be included in the list of ingredients as soon as they are more than 0.01% present in rinse-off products and more than 0.001% in leave-on products. A legal notice, intended to warn and protect people sensitized to these allergenic molecules, whether they are of synthetic or natural origin. Note: this list is currently being revised at European level, and should soon lead to new regulations for these substances.

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INCI Name Origin Incidence*
Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Synthetic Low
Amyl Cinnamal Synthetic Low
Amylcinnamyl Alcohol Synthetic Medium
Anise Alcohol Synthetic or Natural: Anise essential oil, Tahiti vanilla Low
Benzyl Alcohol Synthetic or Natural: Peruvian Balm – Tolu Balm – Jasmine essential oil Low
Benzyl Benzoate Synthetic or Natural: Peruvian Balm – Tolu Balm –Jasmine essential oil – Ylang-ylang Low
Benzyl Cinnamate Synthetic or Natural: Peruvian Balm – Tolu Balm – Copahu Medium
Benzyl Salicylate Synthetic or Natural: Propolis Low
Butylphenyl Methylpropional Synthetic Medium
Cinnamal Synthetic or Natural: Cinnamon tree – Essential oils of cinnamon, jacinta, patchouli High
Cinnamyl Alcohol Synthetic or Natural: Cinnamon tree – Jacinta Medium
Citral Synthetic or Natural: Essential oils of lemon, orange peel, mandarin, eucalyptus Medium
Citronellol Synthetic or Natural: Ceylon citronella essential oil Medium
Coumarin Synthetic or Natural: Asperles – Blurred – Sweet clover – Angelica – Lullaby Medium
Eugenol Synthetic or Natural: Essential oils of clove, allspice, bay (Myrcia acris), benoîte, cinnamon tree, noble laurel, labdaniferous rock rose, basil, sassafras, Java basil, cassia, acore, boldo, cascarilla, galanga, bay …

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