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Wednesday, July 8, 2020Covid

Who are the post-Covid 19 beauty consumers?

Qui sont les consommateurs beauté post-covid 19 ?

Arriving like a cannonball, the coronavirus has redrawn the contours of a new world: confinement, teleworking, social distancing, strong economic slowdown. It has also changed the expectations of cosmetic users. And if the professionals of the industry want to respond to them as well as possible, it is imperative to have all the information in hand. On the occasion of the CEW’s Beauty Day digital event, Audrey Roulin, Beauty Department Director at Nelly Rodi, drew a portrait of the beauty consumer after covid 19.

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“Before making any analysis, let’s place ourselves in the context in which we are evolving,” says Audrey Roulin. Covid-19 is a crisis with multiple stakes. From a societal point of view, citizens are not reassured and 72% of them feel that the government has withheld information from them. Consumers are currently facing economic, environmental and identity issues.”*
But human beings are adapting. After denial and minimization comes resilience and then rebirth.

Several different profiles

This famous renaissance is articulated around four very distinct postures, which stand out at the end of the Covid-19 episode. “Everything revolves around rebalancing. All consumers are going to need to get back on their feet. But beware, there’s no question of returning to the normality of the past. On the contrary, it’s a question of making do with the new codes.”

The Mood’estes
They’re really in this need to reconnect, to recycle, to repair.
They are part of a benevolent approach. They like to consume locally, in a reasoned way, in a short circuit.
In terms of beauty, they appreciate minimalist formulas, natural and simple products.

The Models
This typology of consumers is constantly revisiting the way they buy.
They are warriors who want to …

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