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ICEA (Institute of Certification for Ethics and the Environment) is an Italian certification body that inspects and certifies natural and organic cosmetic products(among other types of products) on the basis of the COSMOS-Standard or its own DTR 06 standard.

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The aim of the DTR 06 (Technical Specifications for Organic and Natural Cosmetic Products) is to promote the use of raw materials from organic farming, to ban the use of compounds that are polluting, allergenic, irritating or dangerous to human health, to preserve the environment by avoiding overpackaging and manufacturing processes that generate pollution.
It includes an exhaustive list of prohibited substances, including PEGs, PPGs and other ethoxylated compounds, silicones, animal derivatives (collagen, tallow, placenta…), some preservatives such as formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, thiazolinones or borates, acrylic polymers, colourants of synthetic origin…

Compliance with the DTR 06 is ensured by the certification body ICEA, which allocates the label. ICEA is also part of the consortium that created the COSMOS-Standard.

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