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Logo certifying that the product complies with the requirements of Bureau Veritas Certification’s I-305 “Organic and Ecological Cosmetics” certification.

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The I-305 “Organic Cosmetics and Ecological Cosmetics” certification developed by Bureau Veritas Certification certifies that:
• At least 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin, of which X% are from organic farming
• The manufacturing process is controlled

In addition to the quality of the ingredients, these specifications take into account several criteria such as the quality of the water used, the methods of extraction of plants and essential oils, the techniques for obtaining fats, the manufacturing process of the product or its packaging (packaging must be recycled or composed of recyclable materials), the cleaning products of the production premises…

A positive list of authorised ingredients is established (including only about 20 synthetic substances, in particular preservatives such as benzoic, formic, propionic, salicylic, sorbic and dehydroacetic acids or benzyl alcohol), as well as a negative list of those that are prohibited.

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• See the Bureau Veritas Certification website
• See the full text of theProduct Referential ecological cosmetics and organic cosmetics (in French only)

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