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Tuesday, November 17, 2020Covid

The Biodiversity Barometer at Covid-19 time

Le Baromètre de la biodiversité à l’heure du Covid-19

Every year since 2009, the UEBT has monitored the growing awareness of biodiversity and its growing effect on consumer purchasing decisions. 74 000 people were interviewed in 16 countries. The 2020 edition of the Biodiversity Barometer is a little different from the others since it was conducted at the very beginning of the health crisis. It is an opportunity to see if Covid-19 has influenced the environmental commitment of citizens.

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As usual, the Ipsos polling company conducted the study, both online and on the street. This year, 6,000 respondents were added, bringing the panel to 74 000 individuals from around the world.

In 10 years, awareness of biodiversity has increased considerably. “In 2020, 78% of those surveyed said they had heard of the term (Brazil, France, Germany, the UK and the US). In 2010, this figure was 67%. A significant increase in awareness was observed in Germany (+32%), the UK (+20%) and the US (+16%). More and more people surveyed are able to correctly define biodiversity in all countries except Brazil, where understanding has slightly decreased,” explains the UEBT.

Fundamental values for consumers

According to the UEBT, “The COVID-19 crisis is leading consumers to take health and environmental issues more seriously into account in their purchasing choices.”
The figures collected by IPSOS reveal that overall 77% of respondents are happy to buy products that respect diversity and the different local populations.
76% of the panel express the feeling that they have a positive impact on society by favoring ethical brands.
Finally, 62% of them indicate that they only buy from publicly traded companies.

When transparency is required

Year after year, …

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