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Oct. 17, 2019 | Focus on French Launches

A Christmas very… CSR !

“Ready-to-offer” boxes, jute bags, recycled (and recyclable) cardboard, vegetable inks, attention for the most destitute… if the boxes and other Advent calendars show an originality this year, it is by showing responsibility! A human, ecological, environmental “plus” that can make all the difference.

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Provence brightens winter

This may seem surprising as winter approaches, but it is the time chosen by a number of brands to launch or develop their ranges dedicated to Provence. Sun-drenched treatments where olive oil takes pride of place in good and due form. Enough to warm up the first frosts… A little ...

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Hair Detox

In fact, it is the new name for “purify and cleanse”. Not always but often… And the hair had to have its own little detox program too! Scalp scrubs, shampoos or treatments… proposals are coming in this autumn…

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Fragrance elixirs

Tenacious and powerful, these voluptuous fragrances leave their mark on the skin and over time and… are excellent gift ideas for all those who love “scent in the wake”.

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Face boosters

From the most prestigious to the most popular brands, autumn/winter is characterized by boost, the word that almost gives indigestion indigestion at the moment! The booster has the positive side that it allows you to move up a gear, as if you had placed a small turbo in your cream! ...

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3 innovative autumn masks

We know that it is in this field that the creativity of formulators is most evident. The last quarter of 2018 is no exception! Capsule and masks or eye contour patches close to a hyaluronic acid injection… these are the ones that caught our attention.

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Perfumes: a touch of transgression….

With the autumn’s flagship launches (L’Interdit, L’Innommable, Adults, Good Girl…), sulphurous fragrances are becoming increasingly important. It is impossible to go unnoticed with these sensual and (often) animal fragrances. Sex appeal concentrates that allow you to cross boundaries safely….

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The Kiss serums!

Much more than just lip balms, these complete treatments address the youthfulness of our mouth. They moisturize, nourish, replenish, treat vertical fine lines around the lips and some have an embellishing gloss effect. As real guardians of our smile!

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Tea now celebrated!

Tea-based cosmetics have been around for a while now, but this autumn and for the end of the year, we are witnessing a real tsunami of cosmetics and perfumes with green, black or white tea!

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27 Sept. 2018 Focus on French Launches

Dry cleaning….

After dry shampoos (but they too reinvent themselves!), here are the scrubs, patches, facials and masks that can be used dry… Thanks to new technologies, these treatments offer significant time savings (because they do not require rinsing) and are also very ecological (no addition of water).

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20 Sept. 2018 Focus on French Launches

Extemporaneous preparations

On one side a powder (in the cap), on the other side a liquid (in the bottle), between the two a seal or a push-button. The whole thing is mixed at the last minute, just before use. Better than two-phase formulas, these innovative packs preserve the effectiveness of fragile active ...

13 Sept. 2018 Focus on French Launches

Revolutionary mascaras!

2018 is definitely a great year for mascaras! Truly new and more and more technical, those of the new school year offer brushes printed in 3D, reservoir fibres or dark red tints. Flexible applicators are a must. The care dimension, on the other hand, increasingly inhabits the formulas.

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06 Sept. 2018 Focus on French Launches

Skincare cushions

Skincare cushions reinvent the day cream and have all it takes to seduce Millennials: they adopt the codes of the Generation Y (surprise, sensoriality, speed, nomadism, ecology – sometimes with refillable packs). As perfect hybrids between skincare and beautifiers, they moisturize and brighten the complexion by blurring the imperfections. Luxury ...


Hair plumping

After face plumping, here comes hair plumping, the latest post-summer craze! The new hair anti-aging routine is represented by redensifying or replumping hair ranges… just so our hair does not age a bit!

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Cosmetics made in Australia

Australian cosmetics are on a roll, especially among beauty journalists! After Aésop, a wave of Australian face care, hair care, and makeup brands has been announced for September. Here is a little Parisian snobbery lesson…

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Combination and oily skins in the spotlight after summer

More and more respectful, partly due to the recent findings on the skin microbiome and the specific flora of oily skins, these new skincare products – which are no longer reserved for teens – are most welcome after sun exposures, as the skin got thicker and skin texture needs to ...

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Deodorants free from aluminium salts are spreading in supermarkets

Although antiperspirants with aluminium salts are still available on the market, this summer, they are overshadowed by ‘0% deodorants’ (free from aluminium salts, then) in supermarkets (pharmacies had reacted earlier). Most mass-market brands now offer this alternative, while pharmacies have started displaying the first ‘shower gel-deodorants’…

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Eye contour treatments fitted with metal applicators

Metal tips (based on Zamac or steel) seem to be getting more widely used as we are approaching the post-summer season. These massaging applicators can keep the skin cold for a long time and are a real added value for anti-aging eye contour treatments. Your look is instantaneously, visibly fresher!


Solar innovations of the summer

Sunscreens with a ‘bare skin’ sensation are the 2018 stars. More and more intangible, light, and transparent, and just as protective, they are instantaneously forgotten and will most probably make you want to reapply them regularly. And in that regard, water textures are really appealing! Other innovation: sunscreens no longer irritant for ...

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Perfumes: the possibility of a city…

Venice, Paris, Miami, Deauville, Biarritz… Just pronounce the names of these destinations and you will instantaneously feel like you are miles away… Some cities possess such a rich imaginative world they can actually give substance to new olfactory adventures. Whether packaging or juices, urban perfumes are on a roll this ...

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The other way to get a healthy glow

You can now practice ‘fake tan’ without a drop of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), with plant or mineral pigments for both the body and face. This micro-trend already emerged last year, and it is getting even more popular among self-tan specialists this summer.

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Black toothpaste

Charcoal: our new smile detox ally? After the black wave on face care, here it comes again – more surprisingly! –, spreading to our smile radiance! What if we had to use black to get whiter teeth?

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New self-tans

They come back every year, though some years more visibly than others. They did not make the headlines last year, but in 2018, it seems that self-tans are having a new lease of life, driven by innovations – as always – from experts more than non-specialized brands. Here, we will only ...

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Tube mascaras

New mascara packaging is rare, even exceptional. You had to be inventive to dare to replace the eternal rigid bottle by a flexible tube, but the latter makes small ones… You gain a formula that dries less (it"warms up" when you press it) and lasts longer, a perfect restitution of ...

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‘Longwear’ brows

As we know, the eyebrow is no longer a detail and the trend is crescendo. In summer, to avoid having to rework it completely on holiday, a certain number of brands opt for inks, tatoo effects, smudge-resistant and without transfer, or even eyebrow dyes to be made at home. Practical ...

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‘Almost’ tailor-made cosmetics

This idea has created a buzz in all beauty fields (skincare, hair care, makeup…). Lipsticks with a customizable design, shampoo bases to be adapted to the perfume and actives of your choice, masks to be prepared yourself… A touch of personalization, but not too much: that is the secret of ...

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Perfumes: childhood in the spotlight…

Dent de Lait, Chat Perché, Eau de Givenchy… the omnipotence of childhood rules over our summer perfumes. No doubt these olfactory whispers represent everything we long for these days. These ‘perfumes for angels’ are endowed with polished olfactory writing and sophisticated compositions, and of course, they do not leave too ...

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26 April 2018 Focus on French Launches

Water-based makeup

Powder, foundation, lip makeup, even self-tanning creams… the summer is fast approaching – and the sun is actually already here! As a result, makeup is logically putting an emphasis on water…

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19 April 2018 Focus on French Launches

Long live pads!

Convenient when you are flying (or travelling, generally speaking), pads, or cleansing, solvent, and most of all, exfoliating pieces cotton, are on a roll… Thank you Quickies®!

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12 April 2018 Focus on French Launches

Here comes ‘bum bum’ skincare, specially designed for your bottom!

A beautifully shaped, soft, and rounded bottom is a real attractive advantage that French cosmetics manufacturers had not explored yet! This spring, they have made up for this oversight, with targeted creams which sculpt, smooth, and tone up the bottom. Sexy and mouth-watering, with an additional exotic touch (this trend ...

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05 April 2018 Focus on French Launches

What’s up on the slimming segment?

It is the start of the slimming season! The 2018 vintage offers few real innovations, but does confirm major trends: naturalness, sensoriality, and multi-functionality (slimming, of course, but also moisturizing, firming, anti-stretch marks…). Double-use helps justify the purchase of a technical product that is still quite expensive, especially in the selective network.

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29 March 2018 Focus on French Launches

Night peeling

On the agenda this season, a spring skin thanks to this new skincare gesture particularly timely at the end of winter to revive radiance and get brand new skin texture. And since it is preferable to use a peeling at night, the idea is all the more coherent…

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22 March 2018 Focus on French Launches

Slimming scrubs are booming…

Toning, remineralizing, really draining… Such are the boosting slimming claims putting slimming products in the spotlight, when they were actually not announced as the season’s stars.

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15 March 2018 Focus on French Launches

A pink gold rush!

Similarly to one of the latest Iphone® models, it is THE colour everyone wants for a good spring start! Whether in packaging or makeup shades, pink gold is highlighted as the trendiest cosmetics shade this season…

08 March 2018 Focus on French Launches

Spring cushion…

Highlighters, self-tanners, blushers, long-lasting versions… the tiny sponge-cushion endures and takes a multitude of forms. As warmer weather approaches, its fresh, convenient application – your fingers do not get dirty – and natural makeup finish are more than ever seducing.


01 March 2018 Focus on French Launches

A pink pigment in my anti-aging cream!

Anti-aging face creams seem to be endowed with new finery these days: the pink colour. And if you never wear makeup (or do not feel like wearing makeup in the weekend, for example), it makes a real difference. Complexion creams, rosy glow effects, nude creams… the colours are real attractive, ...

Lip masks

The lip care segment is definitely not pouting its lips! After scrubs, here come masks, and they prove particularly useful in this period of the year, or if you tend to use matte lipsticks a little too much…

New wave hydration…

The 2018 vintage stands out with its peculiar ingredients (novel plant extracts, rare thermal water, use of probiotics…), booming concepts like neurocosmetics or anti-pollution, and sorbet or transforming textures. The gel texture and extreme sensoriality are at the forefront. As for hyaluronic acid, it asserts its ubiquity. In any case, whatever the ...

Inventive eyeliners

Innovations are not that frequent in this field… With the emergence of wheel eyeliners that slide in the blink of an eye, the gesture gets real simple! And there are other innovations in the field of long wear and colours. Eyeliners are on a roll!

Foam textures for the body

This spring’s new trendy tune might well be as light as ‘foam’! Cleansing or moisturizing, foam textures are on a roll in body skincare. Soft as caresses and light as feathers, they offer seducing sensoriality.

When vegetables grow in our creams…

Of course, flowers make us dream more than veggies do. It is not that we have seen it all with flowers, but it was to be expected (with the superfood trend!): beetroot, kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots… vegetables are prime guests in skincare products this spring…

Matte lip balms

Beware of the matte epidemic! After lipsticks, here come moisturizing lip balms able to provide matte effects. Your mouth will get beautified and velvety like a petal, comfort included!

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Natural hair dyes: something’s happening at last!

Things are changing for this new, more and more popular way of colouring hair: satisfactory colour results and durability, great variety of shades… there is more and more expertise and knowledge in the field of plant-based or mineral dyes. And with the arrival of the first L’Oréal plant-based hair dyes ...